ASID Holiday Party & Charity Auction

First off, I want to thank you for reading our new and improved blog.  RSVP started the blog on our website, , and now we have moved to WordPress.  I’m very excited about the possibilities with using this community of bloggers and hope we can reach even more readers with our interior design ideas and creativity.  The blog is a chance to share weekly what we are up to, whether it be with clients or with our many professional Interior Design organizations.  With that said, here is the new blog, or the first on WordPress.  –Amy Armstrong

The RSVP team attended the ASID Christmas Party this past Tuesday at Milestone Culinary Arts Center and Viking Cooking School in Dallas.  It was a great evening to meet and chat with several Interior Designers that were either new to the organization or veterans. We had a chance to win items for the auction, and above all, contribute to two wonderful organizations that help in the surrounding communities. This year the charity auction was benefiting City House and Our Friends Place. We entered the raffles with tickets we received with our party ticket purchases.  We did not win a thing, but RSVP Design Services was more than happy to offer a gorgeous Japanese bowl for the auction. It was a wonderful evening for starting off the holidays with charity and remembering how blessed we truly are to be able to do what we do daily.

Blog written by: Flavie Moreau


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