New Year, New Kitchen




Hello everybody!  It’s my first post of 2010, so first of all I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year!  The RSVP team is excited to be back after the busy, and maybe somewhat stressful, holidays. Its was a great time for fun, for cherishing our time with family, and a wonderful time to celebrate and travel for some of us!!  As well, we would like to wish all the best and wonderful happiness to our Principal Designer Rhonda Vandiver White who got married just a few days ago.

Now its time to work!  One of our clients is getting very excited about their kitchen remodeling project, and we are ready to see the process in the next few days. We have been working with several different companies for the countertops, painting, and backsplash. For the backsplash, we found a beautiful small tile backsplash made of stone and broken glass form Natural Selections. The advantages of this glass tile are that it does not scratch and is very easily cleaned.  For the countertops, we went to Walker Zanger and chose a gorgeous Uba Tuba granite and the painting is going to be done by New Walls, a company we have completed many projects with in the past.  Glad to see the final project soon…!

Blog written by: Flavie Moreau

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