Hands on Project…

Currently, we are very excited about a hands on project we are working on.  We are creating hand-made upholstered panels! But let me explain…

For our Pilates studio project, “Get Reformed Pilates“, our team has become really involved in the architectural and design detailing aspects of the job, such as the upholstered wall panels.

After visiting the space many times to take inventory of the existing furniture and equipment, we identified its positive attributes and potential problems. First of all, we focused on a style and color palette. Then, we oversaw the installation of the design elements, and after selecting appropriate fabrics for panels, we are currently making them ourselves. Organization was definitely needed to make the panels, along with a lot of patience!!  In the end, we will be glad to have the perfect final product, and that the project is becoming complete with a very personalized touch!

Blog written by: Flavie Moreau


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