The RSVP Team in F/D Luxe!

It was a great surprise to see the RSVP Team in the FD Luxe Magazine for January/February 2010! Published on 1/7/2010, the Special Sections page offers Dallas’ latest trends, ideas and articles about fashion, design, beauty, dining and travel.

Let’s check page 32, in the section snapped, and there we are! We were photographed at Allen Knight & Associates ( during Nancy Corzine’s Glamour at Home Book signing on December 3, 2009. Allan Knight is a  Dallas based company that offers a full service home furnishing showroom open to the trade.  We have used them many times in our past projects and love that they stay up with the current trends while keeping the classics.

Not only did we enjoy chatting with others designers, but it was a great opportunity to  look around for our clients.  They have several different styles represented in the showroom including traditional and modern, a textile room, and even an outdoor collection!  Needlesss to say that we spent most of the evening working, all while having a great time.

Blog written by: Flavie Moreau


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