Home Remodeling – Home Improvement


Want a fresh start in 2010? Are you looking to refresh your home with a new color scheme and furnishings? Or, are you thinking of putting up your home for sale and want it to attract a larger range of buyers? The brand created by our award winning firm RSVP Design Services, Elle Interiors, has experience with building construction, space planning, and working with vendors.   We can help design a space from the renovation planning stages through to the end of the project.

Elle Interiors specializes in home renovation, which is a way for people to easily and quickly change their home at a lower price point.  This can include changing kitchen cabinets, selecting wall paper, furniture, and even dealing with structural building codes. We use a multitude of technical, analytical, and creative skills to create a beautiful environment that is unique to each client. We help our clients achieve a distinctive and creative look that reflects them and their family’s personality and tastes.

Our most recent remodeled home was sold in just one month!  We worked with the client to put his house on the market successfully. It was all ready a beautiful house in a Coppell neighborhood but it needed some quick and definite changes. The main focus was to make the interior more attractive by making the rooms less busy and personal.  The largest change was repainting with new natural paint colors to lighten up and update the space.  The results are below…

Rhonda and her staff professionally prepped – staged the interior and exterior of my house in Coppell, TX. The result was 10 showings in the first week of listing with two solid offers.  The second offer closed buying the house within one month of listing it for sale.  Asking Elle Interiors to stage my house for sale was the best decision, especially given the hard economic times the housing market is experiencing.  Thanks Elle Interiors so much for all the help in selling my home!” – former homeowner

Blog written by: Flavie Moreau

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