Client Photo Shoot


The other day, we held a photo shoot at a newly finished project.  We really look forward to this part of the project because it’s the stage that is the most rewarding and exciting for our design team.  It’s when we see how all of our hard work and creativity has paid off for the final project.

We met with our professional photographer, Robert Peacock who is a very experienced architectural photographer, to first discuss what we wanted with each shot. The process of getting the perfect shot is very thorough.  Through different rooms, we had to shoot, look, rearrange last details, pick different angles, and then shoot and look again. It is interesting to discover the point of view that brings all those elements together. Of course, the main idea was to take the best possible photograph of the room the way RSVP Design Services created it, this meaning to capture the expanse of fabric, draperies, furniture, etc…We had photographed the master bedroom, the master sitting room, a handcrafted swing, the home office, and the dinning room so that they look inviting and what we pictured them being throughout the process. We are looking forward in the resulting images being used as part of our portfolio.  Here are just a couple of the photos but more will be coming soon!

Blog written by: Flavie Moreau

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