Starting a Blog About My Experiences in the USA…


I have been in the United States of America for a little over 6 months and I like the country a lot!  This is a very exciting time in my life so I wanted to share some experiences that I’ve had so far.  So, I decided to do a recap of what has happened, and let you know week by week how it has been for me as a French intern from Paris, France, living and working in Dallas, TX, USA.

I really like and enjoy working with Rhonda, Shelly and Amy at RSVP Design Services. It is a great opportunity and, I am so thankful to them. Remember that my main barrier six months ago was that I really didn’t speak very good English, now I can look back and say proudly, that I am improving so well! I am actually used to listening to words like “y’all”… Sometimes I am still smiling about what I hear here.  For example, yesterday we went to the design district to look for a center piece for one of our clients and the name of the shop was ‘L amour des fleurs’ which means Flower’s love, a great French wink..hihihi! But my biggest smile of my face was on Sunday afternoon, which was another exciting time to discover all that is Texas!  It was a chili cook off, and for the first time I was glad to taste some great homemade chili, and vote for my winner! The ‘lavo-volcano’ one was superb and unimaginable spicy…oouuhhh!  “Welcome to Texas.” said to me the cook! I am not used to eating my French food so spicy!…

Blog written by: Flavie Moreau

2 Responses to “Starting a Blog About My Experiences in the USA…”
  1. tracyhiner says:

    This is so cool, I grew up in Dallas, went to college in San Francisco and spent a year interning and going to college in Paris. So it is like we lived the reverse of each other. Glad you are enjoying it – and the food!! 🙂

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