‘April Fish’

03.29.2010 All over the world on the 1st of April, we will celebrate April Fool’s Day. It is not an official holiday, but almost everyone, from the smallest child to the largest media concern, will indulge in pranks both simple and complex. I guess the origin is thought to have begun in France? Although some … Continue reading

From Paris, France to Highland Village, Texas USA

03.24.2010 Last night, RSVP Design Services attended an art gallery. It was so interesting to discover and chat with some real Texan artists! The event was at a small and intense gallery at Highland village. Through all the objects, we found a variety of art plus some interesting features including illustrations, jewelry, hand crafted furniture…It … Continue reading

American closets obsession!

03.15.2010 Last week, the RSVP Design team was invited to look at a luxurious Mediterranean estate home in Preston Hollow, Dallas,TX. We gladly dropped by and visited the custom built home for sale via Sharif Munir, a successful builder of fine homes in and around Dallas.  It was interesting to walk around 10,000 square feet of … Continue reading

Spring Trends 2010

03.11.2010 It’s March all ready; let’s talk about  S P R I N G !! Winter is wrapping up nicely and now, in Texas, the weather is getting a little warmer. The RSVP Team has just recently attended functions that discuss the Interior Design Spring trends for 2010.  So interesting! Needless to say, fashion vastly … Continue reading

A Sexy Bedroom…

03.08.2010 Currently, I am planning for my annual spring house cleaning and I wanted to share some tips with you, coming from my position as a Junior Interior Designer. In brief, the spring is coming, and now is the time for the big make-over. It’s important to take some of the necessary steps below to create a … Continue reading