Conversion of Units…


Recently, as part of our exciting daily mission as an interior design firm, we were asked to arrange furniture and items for one of our clients based here in Dallas, TX. It was a great experience for me to take part with this live.  We arranged furniture and accessories like chairs and rugs, while providing a nice balance between sofa, side table, lamps, pillows, etc…It was easy to see that our principal designer, Rhonda, is always available with helpful decorating tips, tricks, abilities, and ideas to get an amazing end result!

For my contribution, I was in charge of hanging decorative mirror frames on the wall in the master bedroom along with ordering fabrics for the custom floor pillows..’’Oouuuhh’’ in both case, I needed to know very fast the yards required for pillows, and the inches and feet between each frame..Here we are, with the great American units of measurement!! I am so used to dealing with my easy metric system, which is the common system used by most of the world except for the United States. Why does it have to be so complicated by switching off inches and to feet, 12(why twelve?) inches equals one foot, and then you have to think about yards and miles?  Also, concerning my dinner time (of course, in the kitchen we are again with the units!),so I gave up on dealing with grams converted into pounds, or cups or whatever.  And, just using my memory for how much of each ingredient to use, my American friends and I made some great French crepes…Delicious!

Written by Flavie Moreau


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