Qui dit ”kitchen”, dit ”food”…


The Elle-Interiors  team, a more affordable luxury division from RSVP Design Services has just finished a great re-modeling kitchen project!  It was time to shoot the space with our professional photographer, Robert Peacock, for our April D-magazine ad. First of all, we made an inventory of what is needed and went shopping. Translation: Drive around looking for items that are just right. On the list: fresh flowers, vases, candles, plates, glasses, bottle of wine, fruit basket…So glad that Rhonda, our principal designer thought about the great bread and butter, as a French person myself, I am so addicted to that amazing combination!

 Today, we are excited to see how the photo actually come out. And we are currently in the process of updating our web site!  For myself, I really enjoyed our lunch that day because it was the food and the bottle of wine from the photo shoot! I was not surprised to note it was a Napa California red wine, and I was laughing and very surprised at its name: ‘Ménage a trois ‘from ‘Folie a deux’.  Of course, my coworkers explained to me that special wine is a blend of 3 differents wine as is written on its bottle’s face…and I said: “ok but no way’ because it means in French something closer to meaning  ’’love triangle , and pleasures at two”…Ahhh I like Americans and their French names!! Anyway, it did not stop us from finishing the bottle during the afternoon…!! 

Written by: Flavie Moreau


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