A Sexy Bedroom…


Currently, I am planning for my annual spring house cleaning and I wanted to share some tips with you, coming from my position as a Junior Interior Designer. In brief, the spring is coming, and now is the time for the big make-over. It’s important to take some of the necessary steps below to create a sexy bedroom that appeals to the senses…’ouh la la’. Why not? (a little “French romantic touch” won’t be that bad!!) First of all, create your space with elements and pieces that make you feel happy and inspired.

Try focusing on keeping your bedroom neat and clean. Keep all reminders of children, nightstands full of books, piles of laundry, and pets outside of it so that the room remains open, organized, and mostly peaceful. Remember that the bedroom should be a room that serves as an oasis free from these outside stimuli. Turn your love nest into a romantic setting!  As Interior designers, we usually advise to rearrange the furniture to make it feel like you’re in a new place (I like this idea a lot!). A very important element in any room, the art on your walls, will help to set the tone of a space and should be well considered when being chosen for your bedroom. Of course, I know that color is a very personal thing in design.  There are hues that tend to work better for a harmonious bedroom design.  For me, I will play to warm neutrals like a rich honey gold or to feel calm use muted hues of taupe or grey, and dare to add a wall color as an accent and an element of seduction.

Then, think of the lighting, so consider investing in a dimmer switch so you can change the room’s mood from bright excitement to smooth and sexy. Bring out the silky satin sheets, and keep in mind that like your clothing, your bedding says something about your personality and lifestyle, but at the same time try to keep it classy and simple.  Unless to say, a few scented candles, mirrors, fresh flower arrangements will help to create a sexier atmosphere…

At the moment, RSVP Interior Design Services is working on a bedroom project where we are adding colored accent items for a more calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Blog written by: Flavie Moreau


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