Spring Trends 2010


It’s March all ready; let’s talk about  S P R I N G !! Winter is wrapping up nicely and now, in Texas, the weather is getting a little warmer.

The RSVP Team has just recently attended functions that discuss the Interior Design Spring trends for 2010.  So interesting! Needless to say, fashion vastly influences home decor in many different aspects.  In brief, this Spring 2010 fashion season is filled with beautiful lines, comfortable styles, romanticism, sweet pastels and earthy colors, and lots of feminine and chic designs. With regard to Fashion, which changes quickly by the seasons, we have to think about how to make a trend have a long-term appeal for our home environments…

First of all, the big story for summer is nude and natural fabrics.  We are almost obsessed with subtleties of tone: nude with peach with washed out nutmeg, or even grey mixed with chocolate or icy blue. But, don’t forget to be bold as well! It’s time for high impact colors. What about a vibrant peacock or chocolate-brown palette, or even some asian florals? The military and tribal trends collide to become this fierce fashion trend. Try as well to be creative, be confident with war paint, or sophisticated with animal prints.  Try to mix black with neutral tones. And the last touch, think about details like embellished trims that look like jewelry…Well, pick one or two or even three trends, and you are set for spring!  And, if you’re decorating your home, set for at least a few seasons!

Blog written by: Flavie Moreau


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