American closets obsession!


Last week, the RSVP Design team was invited to look at a luxurious Mediterranean estate home in Preston Hollow, Dallas,TX. We gladly dropped by and visited the custom built home for sale via Sharif Munir, a successful builder of fine homes in and around Dallas.  It was interesting to walk around 10,000 square feet of custom finishes.  And, the living space was still pretty big for me compared to my French scale. I was excited to discover the grand stair case, wine room directly attached to the dining room, office with hand-carved hardwood, all five bedrooms, cozy living room, four fire places, game room, theater (which showcased different equipment capabilities), elevator, guest house, swimming pool….etc…The list goes on.  I could not help but notice lots of doors, and lots of storage units/cabinets, almost everywhere..’’eh oui’’, do American people love to put all their things in order, or just have lots of stuff…? Ohh I see…a lot of space in Texas..So, why not!? hihihi.

 Anyways, Rhonda, Amy and I have enjoyed sharing our point of view with the architect, and with some different designers from around Dallas (and I should add, with a glass of our favourite  “menage a trois’ wine!!)

We visited with White Glove Delivery, which is a new delivery company in Dallas from Austin.  I should say as well, we really  appreciated being able to look at different finishes throughout our walk such as inlaid or patterned marble floors, specially finished cabinetry, unique custom plaquing, designer hardware, extensive granite, and coffered and beamed ceilings…It was a great experience!

Blog written by Flavie Moreau


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