From Paris, France to Highland Village, Texas USA


Last night, RSVP Design Services attended an art gallery. It was so interesting to discover and chat with some real Texan artists! The event was at a small and intense gallery at Highland village. Through all the objects, we found a variety of art plus some interesting features including illustrations, jewelry, hand crafted furniture…It was very interesting to hear about fabrication, production, and design details. The photographers and artists each had their own style and interests, so we were so glad to look around and check out some potential unique items for our clients. We were particularly interested in the marquetry furniture. And guess what!?  The fabricator had been for to some lectures a while ago at my French school of Applied arts!!  The Ecole Boulle is an advance public school of fine arts and crafts and applied arts in Paris, France. He had been to the artistic crafts district (including chair making, marquetry, cabinetmaking, tapestry…). My district was applied art which including spatial design and interior design, furniture design, visual expression and communication…After that very interesting evening, it was time for a little picture pause on the texan  longhorn!!!

Written by Flavie Moreau



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