An American Easter


The ELLE Interiors team, a more affordable branch of RSVP Design Services, was excited about our last meeting with a couple which needs our design advice.  It is a pretty new home in Frisco, Texas!  Of course, the most important consideration when planning interior design for a new home is to build an environment that caters to the individuals living there and their style. The big space is pretty blank, and our clients are open to everything that is creative! Needless to say, when decorating or making decorating decisions for new homes, it is important to remember that your major decisions could affect decorating choices for a long period of time. So, first of all for our client, we will start with the general color palette choice, and paint the walls, then choosing and placing new furniture to go with the existing furniture.  And for the last touch, planning the placement of the accessories!

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.  Concerning my holiday experience in the states, in brief, my Easter Sunday was spent going to Stonebriar Community Church, having lunch at an omelet bar at Fox Sports Grill at the Shops at Legacy, and of course it had to do with rabbits, chocolates, and eggs, oh, my!  In France, our traditional includes flying Easter bells.  We say that French Catholics believe that on Good Friday all the church bells in France fly to the Vatican in Rome, carrying with them the misery and grief of those who mourn Jesus’ crucifixion on that day. These flying bells return on Easter Sunday morning and bring with them lots of chocolate and eggs in the garden. In keeping with the tradition, French church bells do not ring from Good Friday until Easter morning.

Written by: Flavie Moreau


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