…French Family visits USA…


Ouh la la! Recently, my little world in Dallas was shaken by the arrival of my family from France!!  In brief, two weeks of traveling between Texas and Louisiana! I am so glad to show ‘my city’ and ‘my adoptive country’ to them. The very first word from them was, “It’s so BIG here!” It has been a busy schedule with them, to say the least, because I am the guide, the driver, and the translator! Eh Oui!!

My mom, my dad, and my 16 year old brother visited and brought to my work some French butter cookies for my favorite RSVP team! And for the rest of the week, they visited Fort Worth to check out some authentic cowboys and longhorns, shopping at Galleria Mall to figure out the different size system for clothing and shoes, enjoying American food like burgers, and the discovery of coke refills that my brother loved. It was great cheering on our fellow frenchmen Tony Parker and Rodrigue Beaubois at an NBA game!  Driving to New Orleans was very exciting!  It was interesting as well for all of us to discover another very unique American State with a visit of a large historic sugar plantation, taking a picture at the famous Oak Alley with giant live oak trees, and experiencing in person American alligators (pretty good taste by the way!). It was easy to see the cultural and multilingual heritage in Louisiana. With a sunny day, we enjoyed a walk through some creole townhouses, notable for their large courtyards and intricate iron balconies, and discovering the busy streets of the french Quarter. It was easy, as well, to love the creole, seafood, and to fall in love with the litlle blue dog from Rodrigue in down town News Orleans..

 Look for the next chapter ‘An American Experience in Texas by a French Family’ …coming soon…

written by Flavie Moreau


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