…lOve my jOb…


Nobody likes living or working in stark white apartments with bare floors and nothing on the walls. As Interior designers, we more than enjoy color, art, and furniture in our everyday environments. On the other hand, as much as we might like nicely painted walls and highly-polished hardwood, not very many people have the time or energy to design their homes the way they would like. 
Lucky for them, there are interior designers. Elle Interiors (RSVP’s affordable luxury branch) is so glad to work with a young married couple in their brand new house in Frisco!

 We initially met them and came up with design concepts, and Amy and I put the plans and ideas into action. We are a great team who draw, sketch, and use computer programs like AutoCAD and Photoshop to creatively solve design problems, and develop the sketches. We also look at paint colors, floor coverings, and fabric samples for the clients to choose from. I love my job!!  Needless to say, interiors designers have the designs ready for the clients to examine at the meeting and must be able to explain their designs to them. We are following the project through to the end, visiting the construction site after the project has been put in motion. And over all, Elle Interiors’ role is to ensure their ideas are safe, economical, and environmentally sound. In brief, I would say that good design and proper use of color can have a positive impact on your daily life. This afternoon, we are going to shop at Robb and Stucky, Lights Fantastic, Pottery Barn and Antiques stores…so excited…!

Written by Flavie Moreau

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