…Lily of the Valley & Loved ones…








This last Saturday, May 1st, I got emails from my French friends and family that reminded me it is THE date, by wishing me ’une bonne fête du travail’ for our International Workers’ Day (recognized in every country except the United States, Canada, and South Africa.). “May Day” in France is a public holiday to campaign for and celebrate workers rights. It is also an occasion to present lily-of-the-valley flowers to yours loved ones (ouh la la…). From the old king/princess’s story: King Charles IX of France was presented with lily of the valley flowers on May 1, 1561. He liked so much the gift and decided to present lily of the valley flowers to the ladies of his court each year on May 1. This custom is still very common in France. Families with children in country areas get up early in the morning and go into the gardens or woods to pick the flowers. Kids & teenagers and even organizations in urban areas sell bouquets of lily of the valley on the streets May 1st of every year. There are special regulations that allow people and some organizations to sell these flowers on May 1st without paying tax or complying with retail regulations. I did that a lot with my cousins to get extra money and we really enjoyed! And please get a chance to pick a lily of the valley single stem with 13 bell-shaped flowers because it’s good luck forever 😉


written by Flavie Moreau



One Response to “…Lily of the Valley & Loved ones…”
  1. Shelly Darlington says:

    Hmm, I like this tradition!

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