Updated Guest Bedroom…

If so, maybe you’re like our clients, who haven’t done much of anything with that room for quite a long time! Elle Interiors (RSVP’s more affordable branch) was excited to work with them and help them find out how to change and improve the look of their home room by room!!  First, in order to keep remodeling costs down, it is a good idea to keep your walls and other colors a neutral color. That way, you don’t have to worry about changing these colors when you make other changes in the room. Get creative!  The blue color palette gives a pacifying feeling mixed with the gray shades that go so well with the metal structure of the bed.
Besides, changing your bedroom covers, for example, really makes a huge difference in the look of your room.  Elle Interiors found a way to make our clients happy by purchasing retail bedding and lighting up the whole design by adding some fun custom throw pillows via Custom Rods & Draperies in Dallas. To finally dress up the guest bedroom, we will soon add some new window shades, but ahhhh, we have to wait because the window is being replaced…big rain drama in the room!!!!  The wood had rotted from water damage ( ‘et oui’ rain in Texas!).  We cannot wait until the final result which will be professionally shot by our photographer!
By Flavie Moreau

One Response to “Updated Guest Bedroom…”
  1. Shelly Darlington says:

    I love the colors of the bedding and the custom pillows-you guys picked great fabric to match the bedding!

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