Designing the Living Room…


For many, the living room is the heart and soul of their home. Elle Interiors creates family and living rooms that generate the flow for the rest of the home, and of course they should welcome family and guests! By focusing on comfort, personal needs, budget, and the principal shape of the space, we choose interior design elements that can be make for an interesting and joyful process! The Elle Interiors team interviewed our young married couple about what it was they desired and then we did our very best to procure the perfect items. This means anything from painting the walls (our step right now..) to matching the sofa with the window treatments. We are actually shopping for an oval breakfast table and chairs  to match with the new rug. There is a lot of great interaction with our clients, and we know we will find the perfect one for their budget!

I cannot wait to see the final design for the dining room and the great wall paper picked out!  Step by step…this is a process.  Later our clients still want to keep doing the rest of the house…so excited.

 By Flavie Moreau


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