Not Just Any Old Game Room

Hi everyone.  This is Amy, Design Assistant at RSVP and RSVP’s former blog writer.  I know how much everyone has enjoyed Flavie’s blogging, but you will just have to put up with me for this next entry because our world traveler, Flavie, is in Japan at the moment taking her vacation time.  (We are hoping that she comes back with some exciting and interesting pics of the architecture and design there!)  So enjoy…And feel free to comment!

Recently, we went to one of our client’s homes to take some much needed photos of finished rooms not yet photographed.  I want to take a moment to talk about one of my favorites, the game room, which is shown below.  First of all, one reason we hadn’t taken photographs of this room before is because of how dark it tends to be.  Fortunately, we were able to “flash” it up and get some pretty decent pics until we call on our professional photographer, Robert Peacock.

One of the greatest, if not the bests, features in the room are the American Leather Swing chairs.  They are fabulous!  And if you get a chance to sit in one some day, do it.  You feel like you are floating in a cloud, relaxing away.  Another great detail in the game room is the upholstery on all of the walls and ceiling.  It should be no surprise to you that if you are familiar with Rhonda’s work, you know that she loves drawing attention to the ceiling.  So, we used an ostrich pleather to cover the walls in a diamond pattern, detailed with rustic nail heads.  The ceiling, all ready coffered, was inlaid with the same pleather and small diamond nail heads placed in each square.

The custom made draperies and flat fold roman shades (Custom Rods & Draperies) add some drama to the room, not to mention more small details with the beaded trim that lines the panels.  Last but not least, is the game table and the four game chairs.  The square game table has leaves that can turn it into a larger round table for more players and the chairs are detailed with a Greek key patterned nail head trim.  (I know, we like nail heads.)

Directly off of this room is a powder room that also has a lot of great features including glazed cabinets, custom window covering, and gorgeous wall covering made from gold painted wood and applied on top of a dark paint color that you would just have to see in person in order to fully respect how fabulous it is.

All of this, combined with the beautiful, original wood floors, wood paneling, and two huge flat screen, wall mount tvs, makes for a great place for people to gather and either play games or just sit and relax.  I would recommend grabbing one of the swing chairs!

By Amy Armstrong

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