Sexy Bedroom…Round 2!


Sexy bedroom is back…for this beginning of summer time!!

Needless to say, it’s the one room that you both spend the most time together in.  Make this spot a seductive space for sleeping, snuggling, and everything else with our RSVP Interior Design’s tips!


       *First of all, don’t forget, clutter is not sexy! So, for sure DE-clutter your bedroom!! Then, ensure your floor space is clear of everything apart from furniture. I will add as well, if you want to give your bedroom a chic-touch, be sure to buy a headboard and nice bed frame, and of course consider facing the bed towards the windows, if you really enjoy waking up to the view! A plus, if you have room, add an upholstered chair in a corner, which will make your space seem larger, (oui, oui you need some place to toss your outfit, other than the floor…!). As an Interior Designer professional, we love to add rugs, so a wool rug with silk in it will create a beautiful shimmering effect in candlelight!!

       *Second, for sure, banish the exercise equipment!! Big and bulky exercise machines just don’t fit into the equation of a romantic place and relaxing space.

       *The bedroom is a soothing place for a couple, so no cell phones, no blackberry, no computer!! And turn off the television! The “Lost” or “How I met your mother” theme songs are not seductive music! You may just remove the television from the bedroom.  Instead, play your favorite music via a stereo or your speakers.  If you prefer to, hang some glossy curtains and roll out a thick rug.  By the way, I particularly love the elegance of a whole wall of drapery, ceiling to floor!

       *Concerning colors tips, I will say go with your favorite color because a bedroom should have the things you love, right?!  But I will recommend to be daring; use bold colors! Examples of seductive colors are rouge or lipstick reds, creamy peaches, and subtle pink tones. Purple bedroom color schemes can look utterly gorgeous and very sophisticated; in my European tradition (!!), purple is the color of kings and princesses!

Personally, I love the combination coffee, chocolate & cream. And these popular bedroom colors make for a modern color scheme that appeals to men and women alike. For a chic shared bedroom, try suede, baby cord, linen or even cotton. 

To get a tranquil bedroom color scheme, you may use neutrals tons. Colors that work well in private sanctuaries include  the combination of white, gray & a small black touch. Navy or cobalt blues, deep chocolates, and forest greens. Darker colors create a womb or cave like feeling and aid deep sleep…Just remember keep the contrast between dark harmony and light harmony pretty low!

To conclude, I will say remodeling your main bedroom can be a pretty exciting event, don’t forget to reflect your lifestyle! Enjoy..

By Flavie Moreau

One Response to “Sexy Bedroom…Round 2!”
  1. J’aime vos suggestions… très sexy !

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