Pillows, What’s So Special About Them!!!

07.28.10 I have recently noticed, my bedroom looks so much better these days, and all I pretty much did was buy a few new throw pillows and put them here and there in my place. You may be surprised at what a big design difference a small change can add to yours interiors! So I … Continue reading

One year in TEXAS, few words…

07.19.10 Well, pretty intense year..!! First of all, let me say after your training visa in hand for coming to the USA  you can definitely  read lots of books to get a head’s up to learn what to look for, but until you jump in ‘THE place’ and really interact with people on their own … Continue reading

Source of confusion!

07.16.10 Hi everyone! Here is a small note today to talk about our job as an INTERIOR DESIGN company! A few days ago I got into this conversation, so today I decided to explain via my blog article. The differences between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator are often a source of confusion for people who … Continue reading

Colors, Moods and SPACES!!

  07.12.10  How to create the ‘right’ mood for your interior!  RSVP Design Services will give you some tips to start and discover how color plays with your emotions, and how to manipulate color to your — and your interior’s — advantage. First of all, I will advise you to look through interior design magazines, cut out & … Continue reading

A New Breathe of life into Your Dining Room…

07.05.10 The ELLE Interiors team was very excited to see our client’s new dining room (still in process!), and after several interesting meetings with our young married couple in Frisco, they are really happy, and their space is looking great!   Remember, the place where people eat, share stories, build relationships, eat good food, and spend … Continue reading