A New Breathe of life into Your Dining Room…


The ELLE Interiors team was very excited to see our client’s new dining room (still in process!), and after several interesting meetings with our young married couple in Frisco, they are really happy, and their space is looking great!   Remember, the place where people eat, share stories, build relationships, eat good food, and spend quality time together, needs as well a design touch! As Interior Design experts, we advise our clients while considering the dining room’s color scheme relative to the rest of the house. A smooth transition between rooms gives the look and feel of togetherness but distinct separation. For our clients, we dramatically change their dining room’s appearance with wallpaper. With a touch of texture, color and pattern options, wall paper is coming back strong!

Although a matching dining room set can be beautiful, it can also be very boring.  Instead, give your space a collected over-time look with mismatched furniture. Our  clients love handmade antique and vintage pieces that tell a story!  So, I will say, express your style with unique accessories that reflect your style.  Select your table first because it’s much easier to find chairs that work with the table’s height than the other way around.  For our current clients, we are working on draperies, shades, and reupholstering the current chairs! Don’t forget the lighting.  A beautiful chandelier is the focal point of any dining room.  It sets the tone for the room’s style and provides the main source of illumination.  When selecting a chandelier, match the fixture’s size to your space, it’s really important.

In resume, when you design your dining room, the most important thing is make sure the space reflects your personnality!

By Flavie Moreau

Wallpaper EXAMPLE


Chandelier EXAMPLE

Chandelier EXAMPLE


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