Source of confusion!


Hi everyone! Here is a small note today to talk about our job as an INTERIOR DESIGN company! A few days ago I got into this conversation, so today I decided to explain via my blog article. The differences between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator are often a source of confusion for people who want to start a home decorating project.

So, here you will find a few lines to clarify the ideas! An Interior Designer has a formal education, like at least a bachelor’s degree in the field. Rhonda Vandiver White, our principal designer has passed the NCIDQ exam and is member of the professional organization such as ASID or IIDA. The (ASID) American Society of Interior Designers defines an interior designer as “A professional who identifies, researches and creatively solves problems to interpret the function and quality of the interior environment.”  So we possess a diversified range of skills, including space planning, colors aspects, floorings, furniture, wall coverings, custom design, lighting, window treatments, artwork and accessories, preparation of plans for electrical lighting, design acoustics, etc…. Also, we have more knowledge of building codes, and accessible design for people with disabilities. We can manage the construction and installation of design. An interior decorator can be any person who is working in the interior decorating field, regardless of schooling and licensure. They may be familiar with fabrics and furniture, but do not get involved with the more structural and construction elements of a project.

By Flavie Moreau

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