One year in TEXAS, few words…


Well, pretty intense year..!!

First of all, let me say after your training visa in hand for coming to the USA  you can definitely  read lots of books to get a head’s up to learn what to look for, but until you jump in ‘THE place’ and really interact with people on their own basis you cannot learn the lay of the land.

I really enjoy my job here, in Addison TX. I am sure that foreign internships add immeasurably to an international career. It enables the intern to really learn a bit about the business culture, while hammering in business vocabulary (quite funny memories!) on a regular basis..I am really thankful to Rhonda, Shelly and Amy for all they bring to me, new interior design views, lifestyle, work’s ethic, communication, help, and friendship and more and more…! When I arrived, I spoke decent English, natives would pick up that I’m not a native Texan girl relatively quickly, and the natives laughed at my French accent (even if some of them, said to me, ‘’really you’re from Paris, Paris Texas”?!!So, after that I quickly add ‘’from Paris, France’’!!).  Over the next few months, unbeknownst to me, my English improved so much that friends and coworkers complimented me on how much better I spoke the language (good accomplishment! It was one of my goals, still not perfect but I am getting there!) . It happened really without my realizing it.  And, of course, that’s how it is with many other things as well. If I need to give you a tip….Be yourself, never let that change, like I try to embrace everything my adopted country has to offer. Please don’t go back home with a sour taste thinking that you could have done or seen more, or even that eating that biggest hamburger ever, try for the first time the ‘butter spray’ when you cook some French crepes with your friends, or attending an American football game, all of those, count as “a cultural experience”. I don’t think I lost to much my French side and style but living in Texas I would like to think I am having a greeaaaatttt American experience!!!!

So, I am glad to be back in USA, in 2011..!!

By Flavie Moreau


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