Pillows, What’s So Special About Them!!!

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I have recently noticed, my bedroom looks so much better these days, and all I pretty much did was buy a few new throw pillows and put them here and there in my place. You may be surprised at what a big design difference a small change can add to yours interiors! So I decide to talk about how special throw pillows are!!

So, if you are considering remodeling your family room or bedroom or even home movie theater, then the topic of pillows may have come up at least once! As a tip, throw pillows add interest to a room, for sure! They can become a fantastic accent that draws your attention to the furniture in a completely new way. But it is not that easy to find the right type of designer throw pillows to match. Nevertheless this is good to know, that big patterns or even pop colors that would so overwhelm you on the walls or drapery add a great chic touch when used on pillows!

Second thought, why is style and quality so important? One of the first things to think about is the type of designer throw pillows you’re looking to add in your space.  You should know that some pillows are really meant and made for the bedroom, while others pillows lend themselves to the sofa or even pool chair use. Picking the right type for the use you have planned is so essential. Like for example, while outdoor pillows tend to be water resistant, so that you never have to worry about your pillows being ruined by sun or moon bleaching, or even rainy weather. RSVP Design Services works with Custom Rod and Draperies based in Dallas which creates some great custom pillows! Looks fabulous!

In brief, a few new throw pillows placed strategically can add color to your home and update your home’s decorating.

By Flavie Moreau

''and a blue touch for Amy, my co-worker!''

One Response to “Pillows, What’s So Special About Them!!!”
  1. Thanks Flav for the blue touch 🙂 very cool.

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