Designing your dream MAN CAVE


Since ancient times, men have needed a sanctuary to be by themselves !! Right?!! They pretty much want their own space for when they want to work, watch a game, or work in a wood shop, or even just shoot some pool… Whether you’re a millionaire or just moved into an apartment, the man cave principle is the same. Men, I will say you can spend thousands on a man cave or a few hundred dollars, but the knowledge of knowing this is your territory is priceless. As an Interior Designer professional, follow some our easy steps to design your space, that even the ‘Old Spice men’ will love!

First of all, focus on your taste. After working and planning with men’s clients, we really got the idea this is your space that no one take away from you! If you like dark with no windows, fine !If you truly  like  to make it your own by putting a lock on the door, it’s fine! ! To be truly comfortable in your space, you need to feel like you are in your element!  For a wood shop, we had worked pretty close to our client’s desire about his tools’place, wood size, machines..A.C and add music stereo! The basement provides an excellent dedicated space for movie theater! The basement is usually a large area that is unfinished, so great opportunities!! For an office and a tv room or any men cave, everything should start with a design plan, and the design plan will be based on a budget! We have been a truly help  for our clients about requirement to get pricing for the materials.

By Flavie Moreau

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