Time to say ”bye, Texas”…

Amy & me..''I will miss you''!



Well, never easy to say bye to everyone after this wonderful American year. First via this international working adventure I am so thankful to Rhonda and Amy about everything they shared with me, they taught me…and more and more. I am really blessed.

By coming from another culture I was exposed to entirely new ways of thinking. This is an unforgettable experience concerning my work side, and my friendship side, social life…Today it’s my last day as a trainee with RSVP Design Services and pretty much a sad day by  saying bye, but for sure we will remain friends for each other for life! 

   I’ve gotten to see some really cool things in USA, meet a lot of nice Texas people, and my English has improved tremendously (still not really 100% fluent, but that’s life, right?). By my rough calculation, I’ve been here for about 8,400 hours (oouh waow) give or take a few. From August 2009, to tomorrow August 6th 2010, I lived, ate a lot, tried fried food, learned  American football, dreamed, first sang in a texas karaoke cab, explained my self, re-explained my self, cried, felt goofy, drove 11 200 miles, attented my first US marine ball, worked with a great team and enjoyed it, cooked, celebrated, got a work award, flown, danced and learned the 2 step, got a kiss on the top of the Empire State Building…in brief BREATHED USA…!!! A pretty full year! I  noticed when you travel it is like every smell, touch, sound, and sight is amplified to release the most beautifully robust and extreme emotions. Often times those emotions are fear; fear of the unknown! Of course, traveling creates some of the most exciting experiences that are usually accompanied by relationships with people all over the world. I am glad to think I will be back to USA later in 2011 and see again everyone!! And my American friends are coming soon to France, ouh la la can’t wait!!!

Thank you all for reading me every week via my experience in Texas as an interior design trainee. I have really enjoyed writing a blog through RSVP Design Services, a great host company, who I wish all my best… You may sometimes hear from me via their blog, as ‘’guest article’’ blogged from Japan, ‘et oui’, next travel step for me!

By Flavie Moreau

One Response to “Time to say ”bye, Texas”…”
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