Today’s Reunion with the 70’s

Today’s Reunion with the 70’s


Some say we should learn from our past so we don’t make the same mistakes in the future.  In the design world, we like to create the opposite of that statement.  Interior design seems to have a knack for repeating color schemes, prints, furniture, and lighting throughout the years.  After Rhonda had a “That 70’s Show” time at her recent high school reunion, we decided to incorporate how the 70’s era has made its debut yet again!  For instance, the colors of this fall closely resemble the infamous instant blast from the past trio.  Just think, 70’s appliances, pop art, and wood paneling, and of course you come up with harvest gold, avocado green, and burnt orange.  These unforgettable hues have had their shades tweaked and names shortened to get ready for their fall appearances.  The new 70’s in 2011 trio consists of the delectable color of mustard, the soothing color of jade, and the noticeable color of rust.

(We can’t seem to get away from references that include food and forms of destruction!)

Springwood High School – Class of 1971

The Bloom Chair is an organic modernized twist to the papasan chair!

Bloom Chair in Rust by Kenneth Cobonpue

Cloverfield Rug by Shivhon featuring the 70s color trio in 2011

3 Responses to “Today’s Reunion with the 70’s”
  1. crazycopter42 says:

    I like how the bloom chair appears to be very comfortable as well as aesthetically pleasing

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