Make a Statement!

Make a Statement!

Interior design is the art of making interior spaces beautiful and luxurious!  There is definite process to how a space is put together and created as a whole.  Statement pieces are wonderful inspirations and offer a great beginning for designers.  This is where the quote “Less is More” comes into play.  When working with dramatic, eye catching pieces, you have to let them “make the statement” and be the main focus of the room.  Everything surrounding the statement piece needs to flow well and make the eye wander throughout the space, allowing the consumer to take in the decor as a whole.  What kind of statements can you make with your space?

RSVP Design Services

RSVP Design Services displays a great example of a powder room with some statement wallcovering by Weitzner Limited.  RSVP used the pattern Oracle from the Masterworks Collection and you can search for more options at Weitzner Limited.

Vetro Art and Glass

David Gappa who has Vetro Art and Glass created this beautiful hand blown glass wall decor for a private residence.  You can view more of his famous work and even schedule to take a lesson by him and make your own piece of art at Vetro Glass Art.

Hudson Atlantis Chandelier

These gorgeous Hudson Furniture, Inc. lighting fixtures will add a dramatic and elegant feel to your dining area and will definitely will be the main topic of conversation at your dinner parties.  You can browse more of these fine fixtures at Hudson Furniture.

Hudson Atlantis 100









Sit back and relax in the lap of luxury in these Versailles Gold Leaf chairs by Flemington Designs. Choose from more luxurious statement pieces at Flemington Design.

Versailles Gold Leaf High Back Chair

Versailles Gold Leaf Low Back Chair

Versailles Gold Leaf Low Back Chair

Vaughan Benz Table











This Vaughan Benz side table would be a great eye catching touch to add to your space.

This piece was featured at this year’s Metrocon convention in Dallas, Texas. Vaughan Benz.



Pettigrew Sunburst Mirror

This Sunburst Mirror by Pettigrew Associates will definitely make a show stopping statement.

Find more decorative statements at Pettigrew.





Papillon Bathtub

After a long day, why not soak in this soothing Stone Forest Papillon Bathtub featured at Elegant Additions.  Visit to discover other options for your adding luxury to your “rest” room.

Flokati Pillows



Throw a few of these Flokati Pillows from Williams Sonoma Home onto your sofa and instantly add a softer touch.



Erika Brunson Twig Center Round Table






Who doesn’t want do wake up on a lazy Sunday and have brunch at this organic Twig Center Round table by Erika Brunson.  She along with her designers have more fabulous pieces at Erika Brunson.



Shell Bed

And after saving the best for last, here we have the Shell Bed by And So To Bed.  This is  essentially the statement pieces of all statements pieces for your interior decor and will never be forgotten by anyone! And So To Bed

Now go out and make a statement and enjoy it to the fullest!

2 Responses to “Make a Statement!”
  1. Love all those statement pieces. It is important to carefully place the statement piece and use it as a focal point in a room.

  2. Larry says:

    Thank you Rhonda. We felt really great being the piece de la resistance.

    Keep up the great work.

    Larry & Michel

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