A Wood Carver’s Sanctuary

Wood Carver’s Sanctuary

A sanctuary is any place that offers comfort and safety, whether that be a religious sanctuary, an animal and plant sanctuary, or even a television series called Sanctuary.  RSVP Design Services was presented with the opportunity to design a different form of a sanctuary.

RSVP Design Services Wood Carver's Sanctuary

RSVP Design Services was faced with the challenge of designing an efficient and flexible workshop for a client’s hobby.  This space was designed to be a “sacred” place where the client spent most of the time after work or on the weekends, enjoying his hobby of wood carving.

Wood Carvings by the Client

In creating the project, a 10′ x 10′ area was used in the client’s three car garage.  There were specific power tools that needed to be integrated into the design, despite the limited square footage available.  The walls were designed to be removable and the Gladiator Garage Works cabinets were installed on a slat wall system, resulting in more convenience and maneuverability in the space.  An open loft was created above the workshop area to add additional storage space.

RSVP Design Services Wood Carver's Sanctuary

RSVP Design Services Wood Carver's Sanctuary















An absolute necessity for any wood worker’s shop is a dust collection system, which helps purify the air in any space that accumulates excessive amount of dust.  RSVP Design Services included an under-cabinet storage area for a portable dust collector.  This helps make the space more comfortable for the client to work in for extended periods of time.  Since the workshop is located in the garage, the space was easily tied to the existing upstairs duct work.  This offers a heated and air-conditioned environment, which is especially great for working in the Texas summer heat.  The partial glass double doors allow natural light to enter the space, along with the option to expose the space completely on a nice day.

Bottom Middle: Amy Armstrong, Rhonda Vandiver-White, and Aislinn Phelan

Rhonda Vandiver-White, Amy Armstrong, and Aislinn Phelan


RSVP Design Services was awarded Second Place at the 2011 ASID Legacy of Design Awards in the Rising Star: Singular-Space Residential category for this design.  The ASID Legacy of Design Awards is an annual competition and awards ceremony for the American Society of Interior Designers Texas Chapter.  The 2011 Legacy of Design Awards along with Summer Designs was held at the Dallas Market Center Trade Mart on August 10, 2011. The awards were created by David Gappa who owns Vetro Glassblowing and Art Studio.

We thank the Dallas Market Center, Design Guide, Dallas Sight and Sound, Inc., Vetro Glassblowing and Art Studio, and everyone else who participated in putting on this fabulous event.

5 Responses to “A Wood Carver’s Sanctuary”
  1. aislinnphelan says:

    Thanks everyone for all the views! Many more blogs are to follow! Please subscribe at the bottom of the page so you can get a first look when future blogs are published!

    Thanks again!

  2. Debbie says:

    Congratulations RSVP!!!!!!

    • amyarms says:

      Thanks Debbie! This project was a lot of fun since it’s very different from most of our work. I wouldn’t mind having a space like this of my own!

  3. Dan says:

    Good job ladies!

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