“Custom is Never on Sale!” Factory Made vs .Custom Designed Products!

The Pros & Cons of Custom Made vs. Factory Made Products in Interior Design and Related Industries!

The constant battle between custom made and factory made will always be a factor in the interior design business and other related industries.  Although, many factors to come into play when deciding to use custom pieces or factory made pieces in a project.  They are of course the budget factor and the project completion factor.  If you have a client who is wanting “one of a kind pieces” and has the budget and timeline to do so then CUSTOM is the way to go!  Otherwise factory made may be the best bet.  There are ways to customize factory made pieces so you can attain the “one of a kind look,” but I would definitely consult a designer on this so the scale and concept flow well within the space.

RSVP Design Services

Factory made pieces are pre-designed, which is convenient to some clients.  Typically the factories follow  the latest trends.  So if you are someone who likes to change your decor each season, then go for factory made product.  Precise measurements and availability are also a plus when looking for a product in a time crunch.  Of course factory made products are cost effective and you might save some bucks when purchasing one.  But before you fork over your cash or credit card, definitely check the quality of how the product is installed or manufactured to see if you will have to replace it sooner than you wish.

RSVP Design Services

Custom designs are great for the dining room, bedroom and living room and really anywhere your client’s heart desires.  Custom designed pieces take time and are mostly done by hand but they offer the desired results the client is specifically looking for.  The product is customized to the clients’ comfort in mind, and the functionality of how they client dreamed the product to turn out and be used in the space. Custom is very, very effective by making a statement in the space. They are also reliable, quality pieces that will last.  I once was told that “Custom is Never On Sale,” which is a very true statement but it is very well worth it in the long run!

RSVP Design Services

RSVP Design Services has some great examples of custom draperies, accessories, bedding, lighting and artwork in all these wonderful pictures, photographed by Dan Piassick.  (On a side note, we look forward to dancing the night away with Danny and his band, the Texas Bop Cats, who are playing at the upcoming Design Guide Social!)

RSVP Design Services

Now let’s get some of the pros opinions!

Please pitch in any advice to our readers on the differences between custom designed products and factory made products in the interior design and related industries!

What are some difference scenarios where custom would be the way to go versus factory made and vice versa?

Have a safe and fantastic holiday weekend everyone and thanks ahead for the input!  Much appreciated!

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