Opening Doors All Over the World!

Opening Doors All Over the World!

The RSVP Design Services logo is a symbol of a point of entrance into a new interior design project!  We are always opening doors, and definitely all sorts of differently designed doors, to new beginnings or a rebirthing of someone’s home or a public structure.  We are here to guide you through your interior transition, by opening the door to the creative mind and world of interior design.  We help you envision the dream and create it in reality.  We are RSVP Design Services and we are responding to your desire for dramatic decor!


According to, “A door is a transition, a symbol of metamorphosis, it is an important element of a house, a symbol of passage from one place to another, one state to another, and from light to darkness.”

In some countries, it is common for people to sell their doors as an antique to be made into tables and headboards.  In other countries, it is good luck when you sell your house to take your front door with you to your new home.  This past month, Rhonda Vandiver-White, our principal interior designer and owner, took a trek to some faraway lands!  Throughout her journey, she photographed many different entrances, gates, thresholds, landings, openings, points of entrance, and doors.   The many steps she took through Turkey, Greece, and France resulted in door designs ranging from stone doors, wood doors, metal doors, plain doors, elaborate doors, small doors, large doors, and no doors.  There are a few details that I just couldn’t leave out from her experience.


Potty Break - Turkish Style

It's a Dog's Life!

Have a blessed weekend!


2 Responses to “Opening Doors All Over the World!”
  1. Beautiful journey, thank you for the fun of history and style!

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