Start the New Year by Designing a Healthy Appetite!

First off, RSVP Design Services wishes everyone a very Happy New Year and welcomes you to 2012!  Now that you are invigorated by your resolutions, it is time to start the purging from all the holiday sweets that were consumed during the past few weeks.   We are going to be designing a healthy appetite for the new year!

Each new year we all say how we are going to be more organized, work harder, manage money better, stop a bad habit, or lose weight!  Losing weight is one of the top resolutions made by Americans each year!  In order to keep from unnecessary weight being added on this year, go into your kitchen and make some small design changes that will offer big  results and a thin waistline.

In order to get the pounds off and for them to keep coming off we need to look into what colors are stimulating and suppressing to your appetite, what distractions or entertainment keeps us in the kitchen snacking away, and what size portions and plates we are using to pile up with food.

Red, orange,  and yellows are fantastic mood boosters but when you are on a diet or wanting to lose weight, they are not the best color choices for the kitchen.  These colors stimulate your appetite and also may prompt you to eat more than you usually would.

Red makes you want to gobble this up!

Blues are the best for your kitchen when wanting to lose weight.  These hues help repress the urge to eat.  We are not used to seeing blues when we eat so we have a natural aversion to it when we see it on a plate.  Add some blue plates, paint, or flowers into your kitchen to let yourself know that the main focus does not have to be food while hanging out in the kitchen.

Looks just as good but maybe just a bite will do!

Coco Cozy Kitchen Design

House Beautiful

Domino Magazine

IKEA Kitchen Shelving

Another way to keep off the weight is to use much smaller dinnerware.   When you have a large plate you are more willing to pile on the food and your portion sizes end up being a lot larger than you think.  Here are some helpful tips on measuring the proper portion sizes that are healthy!  Add some blue plates to your dinnerware collection to help with the blue trends!

Living Etc.

Imperial Blue Dinnerware Collection by Denby USA

Labyrinth Dinnerware Collection at Z Gallerie

Cobalt Blue Collection by Bombay

In America we have some of the largest residential kitchens and when you have a large kitchen this means you have a large pantry and fridge.  If you are wanting to trim off a few pounds, don’t fill up the fridge to the brim or stock the pantry like a mini grocery store.  Put all of your healthy food items in front of “quick snacks”.  Put out a healthy recipe book  on the counter after you clean off all the bills, newspapers, kid’s homework and everything else that clutters your counters.  Clean counters means more workspace to cook healthier meals.  When you see clutter you want to eat more and just snack on what is not the healthiest option in the fridge or pantry.

Organization is the Key!


A Healthily Stocked Pantry Helps with Weight Loss

60" Northland Refrigerator and Freezer

RSVP Design Services designs magnificent kitchen and dining areas which are perfect for organization and keeping your appetite under control while offering fantastic decor!

Downtown Dallas Highrise by RSVP Design Services

Highland Park Residence by RSVP Design Services

Addison Condominium by RSVP Design Services

Addison Condominium by RSVP Design Services

With these tips you can prepare your kitchen for a healthier appetite this New Year!!



2 Responses to “Start the New Year by Designing a Healthy Appetite!”
  1. All the best for everyone’s weight loss goals in this new year!

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