Enabling the Disabled with Interior Design!

Troops Coming Home

This is a fantastic video of 25 soldiers coming home to surprise their loved ones!  See how far you can make it before tearing up.  I was grabbing the tissue box 5 seconds in.

Now after you have gained your composure and reapplied your mascara, below we have featured some great finds that incorporate ADA compliant designs that are comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

With many of our troops coming home throughout this year, some soldiers have been wounded in combat and are permanently disabled, resulting in necessary changes to the functionality of their home.  This does not mean that your design remodels have to resemble hospital rooms.  With strict ADA guidelines in interior design and architecture these days, enabling the disabled has become virtually unnoticeable.

According to the  ADA website, ” By breaking down these barriers, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will enable society to benefit from the skills and talents of individuals with disabilities, will allow us all to gain from their increased purchasing power and ability to use it, and will lead to fuller, more productive lives for all Americans.”

Great Example of Undersurface Knee Space

Cabinets on Rollers Help with Maneuverability Throughout the Space

The Recessed Lower Cabinets Allow for Comfortable Knee Room

The Lower Countertop Allows for a Great Work Area at a Comfortable Height

This Design Features the Appropriate Grab Bars and Turnaround Space

Smooth Floor Transitions are Depicted

The Shower Bench and Large Shower Door Make this Very Accessible

The Shower Head Nozzle Can Be Adjusted to Different Heights

The Tub and Shower Offer Plenty of Room for Access and Comfort

A Smaller but Completely Functional Bathroom with all the Right Guidelines

A Beautiful White Marble ADA Compliant Bathroom Design

Fantastic Example of a Stimulating Design for a Child with Disabilities

Here is a Cute Idea of the "Mommy & Me Potties", that is Now Being Implied in Some Commercial Family Restrooms

Now any of these designs and remodels can be for anyone who was born with disabilities, who has become disabled, or has a growing ailment with age and requires better accessibility and comfort.



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