Bright Ideas for Interior Design 2012

Hello everyone!  this week’s blog is by guest bloggers, Rhonda Vandiver-White (Principal Designer at RSVP) & Amy Armstrong (Associate Designer at RSVP)!

Because this time of year can tend to be dreary and solemn due to the weather and post holiday boredom, we wanted to talk about a fun trend in the interior design world: BRIGHTS!  At RSVP, we have a services we call Room Rehab where we help clients redo spaces.  We use pieces they all ready own and sometimes we add a couple of accents.  This trend is a perfect example of what can be done to change a space without needing a huge budget!  Hope you enjoy all of the photos we put together for you and get some inspiration of your own to revamp your home for the New Year!

Bright Ceilings with White Walls

Bright Accents

Add a pop of color to a neutral room that can easily be changed later.

Balance out crisp/clean paint with bright lively furnishings & white accents.

Brightly colored lacquered chairs are just enough to balance the white furnishings and trim next to a very brightly colored living room.

Pops of yellow to an otherwise dark working space.

Here they used color on the back of the bookcase to accentuate the neutral accessories housed in the shelves.

In this example, they used colorful artwork to add interest and focal points to the neutral space.

Eileen Kathryn Boyd collection at Duralee

This Schumacher fabric is perfect for a splash of bright in the year of the dragon!


Notice a trend???  Shades of orange, yellow, and pink are all prominent

in both fashion and interior design this Spring!

This is what Pantone says….

“Every season, color forecaster Pantone determines fashion’s next it-colors. For spring 2012, the palette features hues that are bright and sunny (yellow is super big for summer 2012) that mix well with neutrals. We feature the top color trends, straight from fashion week,…”

Pantone’s Top 10 Color Trends for Spring 2012

Tangerine Tango

1. Tangerine Tango (Pantone color number 17-1463)
You might already have this bright, juicy orange in your closet and it will be back for another season. This particularly vibrant shade is almost universally flattering on skin tones. Look for it to be paired with black and white.

Solar Power

2. Solar Power (Pantone color number 13-0759)
There are few things bright than the sun and this golden yellow channels its warmest undertones. If you don’t want to look too sunny, try a handbag or shoes in this high-wattage color.

Sodalite Blue

3. Sodalite blue (Pantone color number 19-3953)
For those who love a nautical navy in the springtime, the blue tones in this color really matches the rich royal blue undertones of its mineral namesake. It probably doesn’t hurt that Kate Middleton frequently wears a similar color.


4. Cabaret (Pantone color number 18-2140)
This pink is literally hot. If you don’t want to invest in rosey-red-colored clothing, you’ll be able to try it in lipsticks and blushes.


5. Starfish (Pantone color number 16-1120)
This deep khaki radiates warmth and will be paired with Sodalite and extremely bright colors. It’s so neutral that it’s also on the top 10 list of colors for men.


6. Margarita (Pantone color number 14-0116)
This toned down version of a margarita is a subdued yellowish green with almost grayish undertones.

Sweet Lilac

7. Sweet lilac (Pantone color number 14-2808)

Lilacs look and smell like spring. Richer than a typical pastel, this lavender shade will put you in the mood for warm weather.


8. Driftwood (Pantone color number 18-1210)
Though it won’t brighten a rainy day, this moody gray is can help balance out some of the bolder spring colors.


9. Bellflower (Pantone color number 18-3628)
Named after a violet blue flower, this purple will light up many skin tones and is a fresh springy take on purple.


10. Cockatoo (Pantone color number 14-5420)

This blue-green shade looks less like a bird and more like the Mediterranean Sea. It will look refreshingly like the ocean and pop beautifully with some of the more subdued neutrals such as Driftwood and Starfish.


The Nanette Lepore Spring 2012 show

(More photos of the Nanette Lepore Spring 2012 Show)

H&M Spring 2012 Summer Collection

(H & M Trends)

Kate Spade Spring 2012

(Kate Spade Spring 2012 Photos)

LOVE this. WANT this.

Kate Spade Vespa! LOVE!!!

If you’re in the mood to see some very interesting bright and unusual furniture, take a jump to this website!  

Very cool!  Below are just two of their pieces…

Hive Side Table

Strand Coffee Table

To see more photos of rooms like the ones above go to this website!

Or, check out LUXE Interiors + Design, D Home Magazine, & Design Guide websites.

Remember, the most important aspect of this trend is that it is easy to incorporate into a space by adding a pillow, throw, or a few accessories.  You are not married to the trend!  When designing a room, aim for classic and timeless so that it will never go out of style and incorporate a small amount of trend in small portions.

Hope you enjoyed!  Please comment with any thoughts about trends for the year!  We would love to see more!!

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  1. pdginteriors says:

    We couldn’t agree more. Vibrant colors are going to be big in 2012. We are certainly looking forward to it.

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