Red Hot & Glamorous for February

Hi everyone!

For this blog we were inspired by a recent Habitually Chic blog that we just received this morning in our inbox.  The blog focuses on the color RED which is just perfect for the month of February!…Valentine’s day, Heart Disease awareness, etc…  So, we’ve compiled a list of photos to compel your senses and get your blood boiling for red during this very chilly time of year (except for in Texas!).  

First, hopefully this gets to you in time for Wear Red Day Friday the 3rd!  Did you know that heart disease kills more women than all cancers combined?  Show your support and wear red tomorrow!  We will be!

We wanted to give a shout out to our friends at Delivery Limited for their effort in supporting Wear Red Day.  Normally when you see this guys, they are wearing blue shirts but tomorrow they will be wearing red!  

Courtesy Delivery Limited Facebook page

Now, just enjoy the rest of the photos and hopefully be inspired to go red tomorrow!

RSVP Portfolio

RSVP Portfolio

RSVP Portfolio

Flaming Red Mirror we LOVED at January Dallas Market

Red Rugs for the bold!

We’ve always admired the furniture by Sicis – Gorgeous!

And for the sweet tooth trying to be more heart healthy…

Deen Bros. Lighter sugared rose parade layer cake!

Here are a few accessories that you can pick up to help transform your home for red hot February…

Faux Coral @ Z Gallerie

Mia Table Lamp @ West Elm

And last but not least for the edgy….

Still Life Votive @ Neiman Marcus until Feb 5

Hope this inspired you to wear red!

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