Sexy Bedroom 2012

For the month of February (with Valentine’s day just around the corner), I’m giving you an update on how to make your space more romantic and transform it into a “Sexy Bedroom!”

It’s important to think about all the senses when considering how you want a space to feel.  As designers, we have to think about more than just sight!  Smell and texture play a big part in making a space feel romantic and inviting.  We designed this bedroom above thinking about the overall ambiance.  The soft silk tufted headboard, plush grape rug under feet, plum ostrich feather pillow, and even the Fendi Casa poof stool play a pivotal role in making someone feel welcomed into a luxurious room.  By adding fresh flowers, candles, and other finishing touches, the senses are evoked and you are fully engaged in the experience.  Lighting is also very vital.  The elegant amethyst, pearl, and crystal chandelier is softened by a custom ceiling drape and two gorgeous Jan Showers Regency lamps (David Sutherland Showroom) are placed on either side of the bed to provide controlled lighting.

It’s all about the DETAILS!  We had an artist (Bezali Artisans) create these antique mirrors to cover a complete wall for a dramatic look that extends the size of the room.

By adding a splash of color on the ceiling, you give life to the room without being married to the color. (You know how much we LOVE to add details to the ceiling!)

Although the photos below are more on the dark and sexy side, you don’t have to go dark to pull off the sexy romantic look.  I really like the darkening of the walls though.  Sometimes black paint can make since if you balance it out with neutral, taupe, and cream accents.

Adding soft drapery fabric can really romanticize a space.  I love the simplicity of creating a canopy feel with drapery hanging from the ceiling like the photos below!

Ambiant lighting….

If you don’t feel like staying indoors, create a cozy picnic space in the garden or the park!  Just bring some cozy pillows,a blanket, and your favorite bottle of wine and nature provides the rest.

Um, I’m thinking a hammock is a must!  After all that food and wine you will be very sleepy!

Below are a few items that you can add to your bedroom to make it sexier or at least a little romantic 🙂 !

Candles (that smell fabulous I might add) at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Restoration Hardware Cashmere Throws – So soft!

Add a touch of glam with West Elm’s Mongolian Lamb Pillows!

Don’t want to burn the place down?  Me neither!  Above are Restoration Hardware’s flameless candles that look very realistic.

I would definitely recommend starting a collection of Riedel wine glasses!  We took a wine tasting at the Miele Dallas showroom recently and I can tell you with complete confidence that using the right glass makes all the difference!

We add fresh flowers and succulants to every project when we do a photo shoot and then leave them for the client to enjoy!  It’s our way of saying thank you.

Now this should get you on your way to transforming your bedroom into a sexy bedroom!  Enjoy!

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  1. I completely left out And So To Bed! They have fabulous beds! Check them out….

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