Pinsomnia – A Social Media Epidemic

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest before, no offense but your head must be in the sand because it is taking over!  It’s a pretty simple concept.  You sign up, which can be sort of tricky because someone has to invite you.  But after your in, you create pin boards with themes.  It’s kind of a twist on old school brainstorming.  We love it because it gets the creative juices flowing.  You can either “repin” what someone else has on one of their boards, or you can pin something of your own.  Board themes range from home design, do it yourself, fashion, to things like sports, people, recipes, and text like the one above!  The great thing is that the pins are linked to the original source so you can just click and have all the information.

There are many ingenious ways to use Pinterest.  

Here are just a few…

1. Create a gift registery

2. Pin your best blog posts

3. Start a Pinterest book club

4.Use for project management

5. Pin as an affiliate

6.  Create a Pinterest test kitchen

7. Bookmark inspiration pieces

(Click here if you want to see these ideas more in depth)

Another great aspect of Pinterest is that you can have group boards.  So, for example, Rhonda made a Dining Room board and we can pin on it when we find a great photo of a dining room.  This creates both a group brainstorming session and shows web surfers our style and branding.  We also include our Pinterest link on our website so that people that visit our website can go to our Pinterest and see what we are up to lately.

Something else that could be helpful is if client’s use Pinterest, we can look at their pins and see what they like and what their style really is.  This saves us time in trying to figure it out otherwise.  A lot of the time the client doesn’t know how to explain their style, so the pins speak for them. (We are visual people here anyways)

One very important thing to know when you start using Pinterest is to give credit where credit is due.  You don’t want traffic just to your board and then to stop.  You want them to click on a pin to go to an outside link in order to get the information.  This credits the original source, rather than giving it away.  This is also a great way to get people to your own website or blog!

(For more information about this go here)

 There are certain niche businesses that are thriving on Pinterest.  Click here to see what those are and why.  You may find out that you need to be using Pinterest!  Did you know that Time magazine called Pinterest one of the top 5 social networking sites?  Also, it’s outperforming Facebook with referrals according to Ad Age Digital!


Below are each of our fav 5 pins from Pinterest!



Love this tree doorway

Something to definitely remember

Beautiful Garden Inspirations!

Gorgeous Penny Flooring 

Inspirational Colors



21 iPHone, iPad, & Android apps for Decorating, Home Repair, DIY, & Crafts

Ideas for Mason Jars 

Dress up an old file cabinet with wallpaper!  Who would of thunk it?  Someone!

I love the simplicity and dramatic look of this canopy!

This is actually a twist on chevron stripes designed for one of our clients!



Jimmy Choo Women’s Hunter Tall Boots

A great escape!

One of my favs for sure…Houston’s Restaurant Salmon Appetizer

Beautiful Vanity

The feminine side of Industrial Design


People worth following…

Henredon – Furniture Manufacturer

Rhonda Vandiver-White – RSVP Principal Designer/Owner

Paloma Creations – Custom Furniture Manufacturer

Fabricut Inc. – Fabric Manufacturer

Maitland Smith – Furniture, Lighting, Accessory Manufacturer


Now get out there and enjoy some Pinterest of your own!

2 Responses to “Pinsomnia – A Social Media Epidemic”
  1. Thanks for listing us as people to follow!! Pinterest is so addicting! We have to limit ourselves to only a few hours a week otherwise we would get nothing done!

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