Made by Nature, Beautiful by Design

With Spring just blooming, we’ve been inspired to write about nature and all the beautiful hues that surround us (especially with all this rain we’ve had!) and how we utilize these hues with interiors.  This blog is full of info so try to stay focused!


Since the beginning, man has used flowers and plants for their natural pigment to create works of art and to die clothing.  So, it is only natural that we look at flowers and nature for inspiration in designing interiors and color palettes.   Here are rooms inspired by colors in nature…

(Colorful Living Rooms Perfect for Spring via House Beautiful)

(via dahlarna blogg – make sure to google translate!)

(Green hued rooms via

(Sunny yellow via Gabba Gabba Gorgeous Blog)


Dallas Blooms Festival

The Dallas Blooms festival is taking place from March 3 – April 8 at the Dallas Arboretum, if you want to get out there and get some inspiration of your own!  It’s the 28th anniversary and promises to feature over 500,000 spring-blooming bulbs like tulips, daffodils, Dutch Iris, & hyacinths.  Over 100 Cherry Blossom trees bloom for only 10 days so you don’t want to miss out!

Here are a few photos from the arboretum…


Man has also figured out a way to alter the color of nature,  like the rainbow rose below…

This rose is created by soaking a split stem of a white rose in coloured dyes – blue, red and yellow.  Pretty cool!


Let’s Chip It!

My new favorite obsession (and I use that word very seriously) is Sherwin Williams’ let’s chip it website!  Here’s how is works…

1. You find a photo online and you like the color scheme.  2. You think, hmm… wish I could recreate that color palette in my space.  3. Well, now you can!  Use to role over the photo and Sherwin Williams gives you a color palette in their paint colors!  It’s pretty awesome!  And, you can save the palettes on the website.  For example…


So, if a client comes to us with photos of rooms or color palettes they like, we can just use Let’s Chip It to get a close idea of what paint colors they may like.  Here is an example using one of our projects…

I’m telling you….obsessed!


Indigo Blue

On a side note, tangerine may be the color of the year, but indigo blue is the color for Spring!  It seems to be everywhere, including a recent email blast from Crate & Barrel.  Below are a few of our favorites from C & B…

Kazia Pillow

Sasha Side Chair

Skye Indigo C Table

Hope you enjoyed. Now start chipping it!

(We would love to hear your thoughts!  Share some of your Chip It palettes below!)

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