Out of the Mouths of Babes

This week, we are not totally focused on design but about inspiration.  As a grandmother, mother, and aunt, I have numerous stories about the young children that have influenced and inspired me.  They innocently say exactly what they are thinking, and in return, I find myself with new and interesting ideas.

Being the proud Yaya that I am, I have to show you photos of my grandkids first…

Peyton & Gracie

(Happy Easter by the way!)

Now back to the stories…I have several embarrassing, but funny examples!  As with everything in our lives, they involve design.  When my eldest daughter was three, she was quite independent.  I was enjoying a brief, peaceful moment soaking in my antique claw foot tub when the phone rang.  Jennifer answered it knowing that I couldn’t and told the caller that I was “having a good dream and couldn’t come to the phone.”  I didn’t really know what to do but laugh!

photo via Houzz

Not to be topped off by her older sister, at six years old and in kindergarten, we had moved to a new house…No claw foot tub, but a double walk-in shower with shower heads on either side.  At the very first parent teacher conference, I sat in front of Stefanie’s teacher and noticed that the teacher couldn’t keep a straight face.  Something was on her mind.  Finally, she burst out in laughter announcing that my daughter had come up to her on the playground and said that her dad and I had taken a shower together and we had so much fun that we were going to do it again.  Embarrassing to say the least!

photo via Houzz

Now, how did these stories inspire me?  I learned how important Interior Designers are.  Every project we complete, every detail we design effects the environment around us.  People react to the environments around them, whether they realize it or not.  This is why it’s so important for Designers to uphold strong standards and take into consideration the people they effect with every design choice.  I am continuously explaining to people the difference between a “decorator” and “designer.”  As a designer, I went to school and received a design education from a Fider accredited university.  I also continued to further my qualifications by passing the NCIDQ and becoming a RID (Registered Interior Designer).  On a lighter note, enjoy the photos below of claw foot tubs and showers…

Love this all white claw foot tub!

Photo via Elegant Additions

Photo via Cocktails with Beau Blog

And who could forget the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s

and Holly Golightly’s Tub/Sofa!

photo via Estate Eclectic Blog

Now I don’t really know how you feel about the rocks but

they look like they hurt to me!

photo via Alldoing.com

Double Head Shower Design

photo via Houzz

I really want to commend the design students at Radford University in Virginia for the video submitted to IDEC on why Interior Designers matter.  They too are babes in the design world…but they get it!

Click here to see the video!

 Please feel free to share your thoughts below!


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