Creative Collaboration

A couple of weeks ago we gave you a sneak peak at our collaboration with the Dallas Pettigrew showroom.  Now, we’d like to share some of our inspiration for the concept “Uniquely Green” with photos of different elements that inspired the vignette!

It all began with an addiction to grape wood!  It’s beautiful, organic, unique shape…No two pieces are the same.

We absolutely love the website we found them on!  Click here

We knew we wanted to do something with it but needed help getting a vision.  This is where our friends Jim, Ryan, & Ellie at Pettigrew came in!

Another inspiration was the abundance of wine bottles that somehow became empty and discarded :-/.  Rhonda’s husband began working with the wine bottles and experimenting with cutting them up.  When they were all cut and cleaned, we took them to Pettigrew to make something wonderful.  Rhonda had a vision of a floor lamp and they made it happen!

Rhonda’s husband, Kelton, took these stumps from this to this…

Just wait until you see what we’ve turned them in to!

(Check out Kelton’s website!  He’s a wood carver and can make just about anything!!)

Beautiful Cheetah Velvet (we showed this to you in a previous blog) from Beacon Hill that inspired the color selection!

Of course, the gorgeous emerald itself

Sherwin Williams – Basil

Diamond Chain trim from Robert Allen used in the vignette as well

Pettigrew has totally redone this chair for us for the vignette!  We’ve given it an updated, cleaner look.

We used Sherwin Williams (not Home Depot!) stir sticks to create something pretty different!

This designer’s pendants and chandeliers served as great inspiration as we collaborated with Pettigrew on our light fixtures.  See them here

Another inspirational chandelier made from bicycle chains!


Additionally, we included several pieces from Pettigrew….a gorgeous sofa, leaning bookshelves, accessories, and a few abstract art pieces from their featured artists.  We are really looking forward to the finished design!  If anything, just to showcase our collaboration and partnership with the great people of the Pettigrew Luxury Showroom!  Hope you enjoyed! Please comment below…

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