IIDA Cre8 2012 : Cinderella

Hello all!  Last week was just crazy so this post is coming to you a little late….but better late than never!  We wanted to wait until after the Cre8 event so that we could show you some pics from the night.  If you’re not familiar with the event, it benefits CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), a wonderful organization that helps children all the way from newborn to 18 years of age.  These children have been abused or neglected and CASA stands up for them as advocates looking out for strictly their welfare.

For the Cre8 event, we had to donate children’s books and the firms that donated the most had their pic of themes for the show.  This year the theme was fairy-tale, which as you can imagine, was endless with possibilities.  With a donation of 300 books, we were able to pic one of the first themes!  We chose Cinderella and couldn’t have been happier.  So, we were paired with two vendors, DesignTex, Coalesse and Steelcase.  Other than a couple of rules, like at least 50% of the costume had to be from their materials and we couldn’t spend more than $150 on other materials, we were on our way brainstorming!  It seemed only natural that Cinderella needed to do a transformation down the runway, from scraps to gown.  Sounds like a great idea, but man was it difficult to physically construct!  We worked endless hours making this costume, hand stitching, utilizing the sewing machine when needed, glueing rhinestones one by one, etc .  Just the rhinestone shoes alone took seven hours for our teammate Lea to make!  But, in the end it was worth it.  The crowd seemed to love the transformation (I was just trying not to fall on my face as I slipped on the gold slippers in the middle of the runway  and right in front of the judges!)  The event was held at the beautiful Design District’s eM the Venue where dancing continued until late after the event.

Below are some pics of the process and event….

Katie Bird, Stephanie Dagelwicz, Rhonda Vandiver-White, Lea D’Jock, Amy Armstrong, & Barry Curlee

(Not pictured but on our team were Denise Kashouty, Paige Barnett & Jennifer Henk)

All of the firms’ donated books!

Initial Sketches

At the initial meeting drinking “potion” (aka dry ice cocktail)

The beginning of Cinderella!

Lea working on the shoes

Rhonda’s husband, Kelton, Broke of a limb from a tree and made me a broom!  I think it was my favorite part of the whole get up.

Daring no makeup pic at The Dry Bar in Plano just after getting our hair did! Yes, that’s a nest in our hair.  Read the Brother’s Grimm version to find out why! There’s no fairy Godmother in that version.

After hair, we went to Mac at Willow Bend Mall to get the makeup done. She did an awesome job!

Waiting backstage for hours until the show!

I love how we were able to incorporate rhinestones on my shoulder inspired by The Hunger Games!

And, finally after the show!  (Notice, this is the gown after the transformation.) Good work team!!

So, this is why we had no time last week for a blog! 🙂

2 Responses to “IIDA Cre8 2012 : Cinderella”
  1. Jim Palmer says:

    Just GREAT , good job . Jim Palmer -PETTIGREW

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