Red Hot & Glamorous for February

Hi everyone! For this blog we were inspired by a recent Habitually Chic blog that we just received this morning in our inbox.  The blog focuses on the color RED which is just perfect for the month of February!…Valentine’s day, Heart Disease awareness, etc…  So, we’ve compiled a list of photos to compel your senses … Continue reading

Time to say ”bye, Texas”…

  08.05.10  Well, never easy to say bye to everyone after this wonderful American year. First via this international working adventure I am so thankful to Rhonda and Amy about everything they shared with me, they taught me…and more and more. I am really blessed. By coming from another culture I was exposed to entirely … Continue reading

One year in TEXAS, few words…

07.19.10 Well, pretty intense year..!! First of all, let me say after your training visa in hand for coming to the USA  you can definitely  read lots of books to get a head’s up to learn what to look for, but until you jump in ‘THE place’ and really interact with people on their own … Continue reading

Source of confusion!

07.16.10 Hi everyone! Here is a small note today to talk about our job as an INTERIOR DESIGN company! A few days ago I got into this conversation, so today I decided to explain via my blog article. The differences between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator are often a source of confusion for people who … Continue reading

…Lily of the Valley & Loved ones…

            05.04.10 This last Saturday, May 1st, I got emails from my French friends and family that reminded me it is THE date, by wishing me ’une bonne fête du travail’ for our International Workers’ Day (recognized in every country except the United States, Canada, and South Africa.). “May Day” … Continue reading