One year in TEXAS, few words…

07.19.10 Well, pretty intense year..!! First of all, let me say after your training visa in hand for coming to the USA  you can definitely  read lots of books to get a head’s up to learn what to look for, but until you jump in ‘THE place’ and really interact with people on their own … Continue reading

Sexy Bedroom…Round 2!

06.29.10 Sexy bedroom is back…for this beginning of summer time!! Needless to say, it’s the one room that you both spend the most time together in.  Make this spot a seductive space for sleeping, snuggling, and everything else with our RSVP Interior Design’s tips!          *First of all, don’t forget, clutter is not sexy! So, … Continue reading

…Taking a High-Rise Home Tour…

04.27.10  Last week, the RSVP team was glad to participate in the pre-City living tour in Dallas. I say “pre” because we just signed up to compete for designing a space that is literally a blank slate; OOuuh great! For 18 days, open from October 21, 2010, the tour will showcase 3 private luxury and … Continue reading

‘April Fish’

03.29.2010 All over the world on the 1st of April, we will celebrate April Fool’s Day. It is not an official holiday, but almost everyone, from the smallest child to the largest media concern, will indulge in pranks both simple and complex. I guess the origin is thought to have begun in France? Although some … Continue reading

Starting a Blog About My Experiences in the USA…

02.25.2010 I have been in the United States of America for a little over 6 months and I like the country a lot!  This is a very exciting time in my life so I wanted to share some experiences that I’ve had so far.  So, I decided to do a recap of what has happened, … Continue reading