Red Hot & Glamorous for February

Hi everyone! For this blog we were inspired by a recent Habitually Chic blog that we just received this morning in our inbox.  The blog focuses on the color RED which is just perfect for the month of February!…Valentine’s day, Heart Disease awareness, etc…  So, we’ve compiled a list of photos to compel your senses … Continue reading

Colors, Moods and SPACES!!

  07.12.10  How to create the ‘right’ mood for your interior!  RSVP Design Services will give you some tips to start and discover how color plays with your emotions, and how to manipulate color to your — and your interior’s — advantage. First of all, I will advise you to look through interior design magazines, cut out & … Continue reading

A New Breathe of life into Your Dining Room…

07.05.10 The ELLE Interiors team was very excited to see our client’s new dining room (still in process!), and after several interesting meetings with our young married couple in Frisco, they are really happy, and their space is looking great!   Remember, the place where people eat, share stories, build relationships, eat good food, and spend … Continue reading

Sexy Bedroom…Round 2!

06.29.10 Sexy bedroom is back…for this beginning of summer time!! Needless to say, it’s the one room that you both spend the most time together in.  Make this spot a seductive space for sleeping, snuggling, and everything else with our RSVP Interior Design’s tips!          *First of all, don’t forget, clutter is not sexy! So, … Continue reading

A Sexy Bedroom…

03.08.2010 Currently, I am planning for my annual spring house cleaning and I wanted to share some tips with you, coming from my position as a Junior Interior Designer. In brief, the spring is coming, and now is the time for the big make-over. It’s important to take some of the necessary steps below to create a … Continue reading