Using Nature as a Guide to Better Design!

Using Nature as a Guide to Better Design!   Nature is full of fantastic models of how we should design and use different elements provided by Mother Nature, herself! A biologist once said, ‘Life creates conditions conducive to life.”  Meaning that life creates an environment suited for life and we constantly are taking this for … Continue reading

“Custom is Never on Sale!” Factory Made vs .Custom Designed Products!

The Pros & Cons of Custom Made vs. Factory Made Products in Interior Design and Related Industries! The constant battle between custom made and factory made will always be a factor in the interior design business and other related industries.  Although, many factors to come into play when deciding to use custom pieces or factory … Continue reading

What is in a Color? The Ingredients to Color Theory and Therapy!

What is in a color?  This could relate to one of Shakespeare’s famous lines, “What is in a name?”  What matters when it comes to color are the ingredients used to create the color, and how it contributes to both a theory and a form of therapy. Color derived from the spectrum of light and … Continue reading

Today’s Reunion with the 70’s

Today’s Reunion with the 70’s   Some say we should learn from our past so we don’t make the same mistakes in the future.  In the design world, we like to create the opposite of that statement.  Interior design seems to have a knack for repeating color schemes, prints, furniture, and lighting throughout the years.  … Continue reading

Pillows, What’s So Special About Them!!!

07.28.10 I have recently noticed, my bedroom looks so much better these days, and all I pretty much did was buy a few new throw pillows and put them here and there in my place. You may be surprised at what a big design difference a small change can add to yours interiors! So I … Continue reading